Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 AM

Everything for a reason.

Sometimes it scares me how a mind can wonder endlessly. My goodness would i lose my mind? I’ve grown tired of this long journey of finding myself. I deliberately ask questions that i, myself might fear to even hear. Who am i? What is the purpose of my life? Why am i alive? The future scares me, i think everybody feels the same way too. I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to know everything. I’ve grown used to sleepless nights and headaches. Countless of times i attempted to give up and quite close it was, but I didn’t.

So I made up my mind that maybe I don’t need to know the truth and maybe i don’t need to know everything. Maybe i just need to stop wondering and start finding reasons to be happy. Take something and keep finding happiness and beauty in everything. Don’t fret, you’re not the only one worrying about it. Make your own future and start living the life you deserve. Always remember.

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